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Hardwood flooring, the not-so-hard choice

One of the most sought-after floor coverings in the flooring industry has always been hardwood flooring. Just by looking at the number of other floor coverings that mimic the look of solid wood, you can gauge its popularity among homeowners. It has an elegant and timeless look that lasts decades, and through many changes in decor trends. It easily matches a variety of decorating schemes, from minimal to highly artistic, and everything in between. What’s more, it has one of the longest lifespans in flooring. And we’d like to tell you a little more about it.

At Cascade Flooring, you have lots to gain from shopping with our family owned business. Since we make customer service our number one priority, you’ll be right at home in our no-pressure sales atmosphere. We’ll guide you through a variety of choices and options on the floor covering of your choice, match you with related products, and provide you with the services to bring everything beautifully to life. We serve the areas of St. Croix Falls, Balsam Lake, Taylor’s Falls, Osceola, and Amery, all from our St. Croix Falls, WI showroom. We invite you to visit and allow us the opportunity to assist you with your flooring project.

Facts about hardwood flooring

As you already know, hardwood flooring has an incredibly long lifespan. So much so, in fact, it may be the last floor covering you ever have installed. Choosing the proper species for your specific activity and traffic levels can help the flooring reach that expected lifespan, as can the proper finish type. Some finishes, such as hard scraped and distressed, can help to hide signs of everyday wear and tear, which also lengthens the lifespan.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Balsam Lake, WI from Cascade Flooring
Another thing that helps your floors to last their longest is the refinishing process. Once wear and tear does finally start to show through, having your floors refinished can bring them back to a like-new finish, all over again. Years of abuse are stripped away, leaving only a fresh layer of hardwood, which gets a new stain color and a new finish. Depending on care and maintenance, you can go a few decades between refinishing sessions.

It should be noted that hardwood flooring should never be installed in below-ground spaces such as basements or basement rooms. You should also make sure to use a professional installation team to make sure this flooring is properly installed.

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