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What you need to know about tile flooring textures

Texture makes a room more vibrant and visually attractive, giving the space a multi-dimensional feeling. A tile with texture has a more raised style instead of smooth and flat.

When you walk into our tile flooring store, you'll be amazed at the almost unlimited number of colors, patterns, styles, shapes, and sizes. Here are some of the most popular textured tile flooring designs.

Encaustics: Coming from the earth

These are ceramic tiles in which the patterns or figures aren't made from glaze (which can be smooth and pretty slippery) but, instead, from different colors of clay. Clay comes from the earth and can be gritty or sticky.

Cement tile: molded like a cookie (seriously!)

Cement tile flooring has been around for hundreds of years and has become trendy again. They are available in many colors, patterns, and sizes, though the 8x8 size is the most common. 

Mosaics: tiny, durable, and trending hot

Some mosaics are as small as 1 X 1. They are pebble-like, often glass-coated tiles, and highly decorative. But, don't let their small stature fool you because what they don't have in size is strength!   

This mold/mildew tile is trending hot for bathroom floors, as much for their style as their function; the many grout lines add to a non-slip surface.

Wood-look tile combines beauty and function

Thanks to modern technology, these tiles can be made to match the feeling of wood's raised grains. The surface can be smooth or slightly grooved, fitting in beautifully with rustic decor.

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