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What carpet styles are trending?

There is a good reason why carpet is so sought after by homeowners. It's elegant and comes with countless benefits.

Shopping can seem overwhelming with so many colors, designs, and styles. But, no worries, we'll simplify it by pointing out some of the most famous constructions.

Everyone loves a looped construction

Whether a Berber-style or level loop, this is one of the most durable rugs. Many prefer this style if they have a pet because it is so strong.

Looped styles are also a little more stain resistant. That's because the tightly woven loops tend to keep spills on top.

While this carpet installation can be made with nylon or wool fibers, they are mainly associated with olefin (polypropylene) yarn which is budget-friendly. In addition, these rugs are stylish enough to work in any room.

Shags: Making a huge comeback

Remember the shag's iconic gold, green and brown colors of the 1970s? Today, the color palette has expanded to solids and multi-colors–everything from red to purple to black.

This fun rug has a retro look, has a fluffy high pile (long, loose fibers), and is trending hot, especially for bedrooms. Feel free to come into our carpet store in St. Croix Falls, WI, where you’ll see a large selection of styles from brands like Mohawk.

The contemporary cut and loop

This carpet has a combination of loops with cut-piles of various heights. They create the currently trendy patterns, such as diamonds, small squares, pin-dots. "wave" patterns, and marble effects.

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