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What are the latest kitchen tile flooring designs?

You will have fun shopping for tile flooring! This year you'll see everything from large formats to wood-and-stone looks to significant, bold patterns.  

Marble, stone, wood, and encaustic-style looks

You'll see some incredible stone and wood looks that we can thank modern technology. Manufacturers can create intricate patterns with true-to-life veining variations or raised grains. 

Just the word "marble" evokes thoughts of luxury and opulence. Genuine marble was often used in kitchens as accents, but marble-look tile has changed. You can also get other stones or wood looks.

Genuine encaustic tiles are hand-crafted, highly decorative, and expensive. But, again, thanks to technology, you can get true-to-life echoes.

Feel free to come into our tile flooring store. You'll see endless possibilities!

Large-format tiles

Tiles keep getting bigger and bigger, with large-format tiles highly sought after. The fewer seams make a room look larger, contemporary, and airy.

Porcelain: Ideal for heavily trafficked floors

Porcelain is a large format tile. It's also heavier, denser, and great for busy rooms like the kitchen.

Porcelain comes in an almost unlimited number of colors and designs. When shopping for tile in St. Croix Falls, WI, you’ll see porcelain that looks like fabric and leather. However, it's often the preferred choice for wood and stone looks.

This has through-body color, meaning that the dye goes through the bisque. So, if a pot drops will ease, the scratches will be well-hidden.

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