Let’s compare tile flooring and luxury vinyl

Let’s compare tile flooring and luxury vinyl

We love tile flooring because it’s so stylish, sophisticated, and durable. But please don't confuse it with luxury vinyl tile (LVT).  

They are two completely different products!

Why you might think they’re the same

Luxury vinyl is cut into two forms, one of them being square, tile-sized pieces. These are often used for tile or stone mimics.

The nature-inspired images are vivid and accurate. The floors have depth and dimension.

But, still, vinyl is manufactured. The color variations, textures, and finishes are done with embossing, a manufacturing process.

Tile flooring
is made of clay which comes straight from the ground.

Walking through the tile flooring store

There’s an overwhelming assortment of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. But remember, they all have different strengths and absorption levels.

That determines how and where they can be used– it's essential to read labels carefully and explain your remodeling product to our flooring professional.

Some to note are Illuminary or Retro Rounds, both by Daltile.

Are porcelain and ceramic tiles the same?

No. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic, but it's constructed to be heavier and more dense. As a result, it's ideal for highly trafficked floors.

This large format, highly designed tile is ideal for heavily trafficked floors. Your porcelain tile in St. Croix Falls, WI, can also be used outdoors and will stand up to the most severe weather.

Types of ceramics

  1. 4 X 4 squares: Good for indoor floors in moderately busy rooms. They are also used on walls, backsplashes, countertops, and tub/shower surrounds.
  2. Mosaics: Glass-coated and highly decorative; these are durable and mold/mildew resistant. 
  3. Terracotta bricks: Ultra-durable; these can be used indoors or out.
  4. Subway tiles: Available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, they are best for indoor, low-traffic rooms.

An excellent tile flooring source in Wisconsin

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