Is wool or nylon carpet better?

Is wool or nylon carpet better?

Either carpet is highly durable, has excellent resiliency, and comes in many colors, designs, and styles.  

Wool and nylon are both excellent choices. Ultimately, the decision to buy either will come down to how much you value specific characteristics and your budget.

Here, we’ll break down the advantages of nylon and wool carpets.

Wool: a natural fiber

Wool is soft, luxurious, and naturally soil-repellent and flame resistant. No worries if it's in a light color; it has oils with tiny scales that flick off the dirt.

Wool's also absorbent, so wipe spills immediately. It's also the natural fiber used in a carpet installation; others, like sisal, jute, or coir, are better suited to mats.

Natural fibers are harvested from animal fur and plants. This is something that might appeal to those concerned with the environment. Wool carpeting is a bit more pricey than others, but some mills combine it with acrylics to reduce the price.

Nylon: great for large families with kids and pets

Do you need extra durability and stain resistance? If so, this might be for you.  

Nylon is ultra-strong with remarkable resiliency. This type of rug is soft, as you'll see in our carpet store in St. Croix Falls, WI. 

Nylon is one of the best hypoallergenic rugs. It's resistant to known allergy triggers, mold, and mildew resistant and is easy to keep clean–also crucial to allergy sufferers.

Many, especially those with large families, consider synthetic carpets the more practical choice. They tend to be more stain resistant and budget-friendly.

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