Here are a few best-loved carpet styles

Here are a few best-loved carpet styles

Carpet is a popular choice among homeowners because rugs add warmth, elegance, and texture to a space. In addition, carpeting has many advantages, including noise reduction, temperature insulation, and more.

The color and design choices will make you pleasantly overwhelmed. Here, we'll tell you about the three most popular carpet styles.

Looped construction: How it all begins

The words "carpet pile" refer to how the yarns are attached to the backing.

Carpets like Berber and level loops have short, tightly woven uncut loops. As a result, they are durable and ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

When you enter our carpet store in St. Croix Falls, WI, you'll see rugs like Confetti lll by Dream Weaver or Enchantingly Soft by Mohawk.

Cut pile: when the loops are cut

Primary cut piles have short, evenly sheared fibers but come in all lengths and textures. This is durable and works well at all traffic levels.

These carpets can have long, loose fibers like shag or a twisted texture like the frieze; the latter is twisted so tightly that the fibers curl.

Saxony, one of the most iconic styles, can be lush or trackless. Low-pile rugs with short fibers are durable and easy to clean.

Cut and loop

This carpet installation is just as it sounds. A cut and loop construction combines various fiber lengths that create patterns–such as pin-dot, geometrics, stripes, diamonds, and sculpted marble effects.

Cut and loop carpeting is durable and ideal for all foot traffic levels.

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