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All about carpet pile

pile refers to how the fibers, or yarns, are attached to the rug backing. Rugs all start their manufacturing process as an uncut loop construction. Then, they either remain that way or go on to be cut into fibers of various lengths.

A rug pile has a significant impact on the aesthetics, comfort, performance, and longevity of a rug.

Berbers and level loops

Berbers and level loops are two examples of a loop pile. They are both highly durable and can handle any level of foot traffic.   

Examples of cut-piles include:

1. Basic cut-pile: Short, evenly sheared fibers. This carpet installation is soft and easy to clean. 

2. High pile: Soft, stylish, and best for low traffic rooms like bedrooms.

3. Low pile: Ultra-durable and easy to clean. 

4. Saxony pile: A medium pile with a soft, velvety feeling underfoot.  

5. Plush ("velvet) pile: Short, densely packed fibers make this soft and luxurious. Unfortunately, it's also prone to showing footprints and other marks.

6. Textured cut piles: Fibers of all different lengths go in all directions. These work well for any foot traffic level.

7. Frieze cut: Long-ish fibers, so tightly twisted they curl. This is durable and great for all traffic levels and commercial applications.

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Cut and loop constructions, also called “sculpted patterns.”

Various fiber heights create designs such as pin dots or carved marble effects. It's excellent for all traffic levels.

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