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Nylon vs. polyester: What is the difference?

Perfect carpet flooring starts with the ideal fiber because many of the benefits begin on this level. In today's post, we will give you some information on nylon and polyester to understand how each will serve you, so read along to find out more.

Finding the perfect fiber for your carpet flooring

Nylon is easily the most popular synthetic flooring fiber, offering superb strength and durability, even in heavily traveled areas of your home. They come in various piles and thicknesses, making them a perfect addition to more than one room.

Polyester doesn't have the same strength you'll find in nylon. However, it does offer impressive stain resistance since it is hydrophobic. So, in addition to repelling spills and stains, you'll find these products also provide attractive color options that match a wide variety of décor.

Both of these products are wonderfully soft underfoot, giving you the comfort you want and need for the perfect bedrooms or children's room fit. Vacuum regularly, spot clean as needed, and bring in a professional carpet cleaning team at least once every twelve to eighteen months to ensure the best results.

Your carpet flooring is closer than you think

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